Sunday, November 16, 2008

Assignment 1-2

What is popular culture, and what does it mean to you?

Popular culture is like a picture taken of society at any exact moment in time. It is what is hip, current, hot, or cool in a culture at any given moment. Popular culture is constantly changing with the times. Pop culture is the will of the people or the movement away from the masses. It can define a group of people for good or for bad. Popular culture, to me, is what is “in”, it is the newest gadget, car, phone, movie, and trend that society has taken in and accepted. It can be so had to keep up with popular culture because it is so fluid. Right now, it seems that it is cool for young men to have longer hair. My 19 year old brother has this mop on his head. I think he needs a hair cut, but all of his friends look the same! That is popular culture for you.

Why is an understanding of popular culture relevant to you in a business environment and in your present and future career?

It is critical to understand popular culture from a business standpoint. The bachelors degree I am looking to receive is in marketing. I would like to go into marketing or maybe sales. It is crucial to have an understanding of what the current pop culture is all about. Pop culture has an influence over us as a society. People want to fit in. If I work in either marketing or sales, I must understand what the current trends are to be successful.

What would you consider to be an example of a pop culture artifact? And why would you choose it?

I would consider the Batman saga to be an example of pop culture. The reason I chose it was because I just saw the second installment of the newest series. It was a great movie. Batman has managed to stay cool for decades. Something tells me Batman will be popular for decades to come. As society, culture, and technology have grown and adapted, so has Batman. People always like a hero. Batman is certainly an example of a modern day super-hero.

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